More than automation

with Morphee®


More than automation!

MORPHEE harmonizes with your test benches

MORPHEE automation system is more than ever the market reference in real time test cell automation under Windows. Today, MORPHEE represents 3,500 licenses installed, 12,000 users and 15 million hours on the testing benches per year. With its powerful features, it will easily adapt to your environment and allows you to perform any kind of test with the latest technologies.

  • Simulation in real time with direct interaction with test cell input/output
  • Calibration of ECU parameter based on UUT modelization


for automation, calibration and real-time simulation up to 10 kHz


all measurements are synchronized between each other on one PC


management of all types of test cells from component testing to chassis dynos


upgradeable and compliant to standard interfaces of the market


your test cells are safely controlled 24 hours a day.


MORPHEE 1, MORPHEE 2, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10 but your test procedures keep working...


Automate your ideas without limits

MORPHEE is a software dedicated to the management and control of test bed, it provides all basic software functions required to run the following operations in real time:

  • Measurements acquisition and storage, continuous or single shot
  • Rolling data acquisition or post-mortem analysis
  • Control of all kind of external devices (analog setpoints, digital commands,...)
  • Monitoring of parameters, with several stop levels in case of an alarm
  • Real time execution of models from simulation tools such as Matlab / Simulink
  • Calculations execution based on measured data
  • Screen visualization of parameters in various interactive instruments formats


Standards & additional features

The MORPHEE offer comes in five editions for all type of test cells

Dedicated to application development purposes. It can also be used to run TestCell Simulators or non-real time application, using mainly serial or Ethernet interfaces

The entry level of simple automation, featuring all standard MORPHEE functions as well as most of interfaces and protocols (including EtherCat). This Edition is not Real-Time (Windows based).

Lab RT
The entry level of hard real time automation, perfectly suitable for most of e-mobility applications, such as Fuel Cells and Battery testing. > 5,000 RT channels @ 2 kHz

Hard real time for all kind of Engine, Transmission or Powertrain test cells, including dedicated automotive protocols and interfaces. > 5,000 RT channels @ 2 kHz

Designed for cutting-edge R&D test cells, with most advanced features for managing parameters of complex units like xCUs and control them dynamically. > 5,000 RT channels @ 2 kHz


Standard & Configurable Application for Lab Environment

MORPHEE harmonizes with your test benches

SCALE is the condensed FEV knowledge integrated in a central State Flow corresponding to the most adapted way to manage UUT at the test cell in a complete secure way. It also manages all links and acquisition from SCALE equipment, whatever they are.

Scale Engine

The state of the art for all of your thermal and hybrid engine test benches. From End-Of-Line to Research & Development solution.

SCALE Fuel Cell

The new trend for power generation in modern vehicles. Tomorrow’s ideas have already a SCALE solution today.

SCALE Epowertrain/powertrain

Testing the complete powertrain in its conventional, hybrid or electrical configuration is now possible.

SCALE Emotor

Adapt your test benches and working methods to new market trends. E-mobility is more than ever a reality!

SCALE Battery

The essential element of new transportation area. In constant evolution, the battery testing has to be reactive!

SCALE Vehicle

For Vehicle on chassis dynamometer testing

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